Sunday, January 13, 2013

Download Opera Mini 7.1 handler HUI MOD .jar (with Operator tricks)

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Download New Opera Mini 7.1 handler mod UI from hackingpalace.
New Opera Mini 7.1 HUI comes with new handler interface which has a lot of options more compared to previous handler versions. The main advantage is the ability to use various type of proxies such as http, realhost, etc has been improved much. Also, the perfomance have been improved considerably. With this handler, you will be able to enjoy free Internet in almost every operator using various tricks. I've also included operator tricks of Docomo, vodafone, Airtel etc. here to enjoy free Internet.


Download Opera Mini 7.1 handler HUI from here:

Airtel handler trick:

Vodafone handler trick:

Docomo handler trick: coming soon

Idea handler trick: coming soon
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  1. can you export this to Android or give me link please?

  2. Is there any working tricks for at present? Plz mail me at

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