Make free calls worldwide via Internet on Phone or PC [UNLIMITED]

Why waste your money on phone bills if you have Internet? Now you can make free Unlimited calls to any number in any part of the world via Internet. It have no need of any high speed Internet. Tested and working fine on 2G Internet. With this trick, you can also make free video call too. It has absolutely no limitations and don't worry about any additional charges, it is completely free. You may think, How is that possible? maybe it is a scam. Of course it is possible. I have tested it and found to be working fine. Just follow the instructions below. This software can integrate into Nimbuzz for free calling using Nimbuzz (on phone and PC)


1) First, go to and register for a free account.
They will give you 1000000 Minutes of free calling when you sign up. (thats so huge! You cant use even 1% of it)
Registration is so easy and free. No annoying captcha, email verification etc

2) Now you need to active Personal VOIP on your account.
For that, go to again and login with your email id and password

3) After logging in, you can see options. One to go to portal and one to website
Go to portal by clicking on it

4) Go to Personal VOIP -> Settings -> SIP settings
There is an option to change SIP password. There may be a default password there. Change it to your desired password and click save.

5) On the top, Under preferred number tab, you can see "Account Number". Note it down. You need it later. Also don't forget to note down the password.

  • They are providing their own applications to use in PC and Mobile for free calling. Mobile app is available for Android, Windows etc. You can either use it or see below to use it in Nimbuzz
 How to Use Pennytel with Nimbuzz?

1) First, download Nimbuzz if you don't have it already.
Go to for PC users for mobile users

Note: Free calling don't work on low memory phones and some Java phones. It will work only if phone supports VOIP. Fortunately, many phones support this.

2) After downloading and logging in with your Nimbuzz account,
go to Settings -> Calling settings
There is an option to set SIP provider. Change it to custom and add the values below.
Name: anything you want
User name: Account number which you noted down earlier
Password: your account password
Check screenshot of Nimbuzz PC
And press connect. If you see connected, everything is alright. Now start calling your friends and family worldwide free of cost.

Thanks to: Frendz4m members

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Update: This trick has been exired and stopped working. Don't worry, I will be back with  more free calling tricks. Stay tuned to us by liking our facebook page and subscribe us via email to get latest updates directly to you.


  1. Jayadeep ,plz upload a sathikvpn15 for airtel. Iam a big fan of yours. And my friends.they tell me to say this to you.plz upload. Plz its a request.

  2. its showing connection problem
    "voip traffic may be blocked on ur network connection"
    plssssssss help.......................................sir

  3. pls help me for above comment my e-mail

  4. everything is fine. but at last i can't call. when i press the call button nothing is happening.

  5. nothing is happening when i click the call button on nimbuzz-pc. until that everything is fine. please see to it.

  6. call is ending immediately after dialling. help?

  7. call is ending immediately after dialing. help?

  8. its show sip not register.
    help me...

  9. please leave comments including all details of your problem. specify your phone model, os etc. so that i can find the solution.
    it is showing SIP not register because your account no. is invalid. either ou have added an incorrect account no or you may be added your username instead of account no. they are different dont be confused.

  10. how to register. give the direct link. there is many kind of a/c on website i confuse which one i choose...

  11. till the end everything is ok.. then when press call button it is showing connecting...... no furthur proced... plz help me jaydeep......

  12. hey buddy i m not able to call from nibuzz....after calling it disconnects immediately within a second shows call ended....

  13. A/C is connected.
    after dailing it happen call ended automatically.

  14. friends, this trick is not working anymore.
    I will be back with new tricks soon. Stay tuned