Cannot Download Files from Jumbofiles? Here is the solution

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Jumbofies is one of the best Web hosting providers with powerful; servers and lot of features. It gives a free 500GB space for a free account and 1000GB for premium. The main advantage of Jumbofiles is that to download any file from jumbofiles, you don' need to enter those annoying captcha codes and also, no need to wait even a second for starting download. You can also run unlimited parallel downloads. Download accelerators are also supported. That's why all files in this site and my other blogs are hosted in Jumbofiles. With the latest update on Jumbofiles, many users have commented that they cannot download files from Jumbofiles. So, I'm here with the solution to that

There are two main reasons for this problem. Either it is a temporary server problem or your carelessness. just read below.
 Server Errors
Sometimes they may be doing any updation or repair works on the server. That time the server will go off and you cannot download anything at that time. Just bookmark that page and come back later to download. In most times this type of updation takes no more than 6 hours. I can't do anything on this problem. Just wait.

Misunderstandings / Carelessness
This many be also happened sometimes. In most times, there are some ads very similar to download button. It will have Download and Play Now buttons. Don't misunderstand that with the original download button. The actual download button. Here is the step by Step screenshots. See below


When you click on download Link, you will see as like this

Now click on Free Download as in the screenshot. This page was added in the recent update.
After that you will see as below

As I said earlier. You can see Download and Play Now in in the page. Most of the users misunderstand this as the original Download button and click on it. They will be redirected to another page and without much thinking they will come back and comment "Download is not working". The actual download link  is marked above. It is very small compared to the ads (they are tricky!). After that you will see as below.

You can see the download button. Just click that to start download. Comment here if you have further problems.
Note: I'm not discouraging you to click on Ads. Ads are their major source of income. I'm not interfering in it. I'm just posting this to avoid confusion. You can click on ads if you like to do.

The images in this post are neither created nor uploaded by me. It was from my partner's account named Achusoft.

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