Download Opera Mini 7.5.3 Handler for Android [ENG] APK

After posting Opera Mini 7.5 handler mod for android, I got a lot of requests for adding more features to it. S
o, Here I'm with new Opera Mini 7.5.3 HUI Mod. This version has more advantages compared to previous version. You can add frontquery, backquery, filters etc. Also there option for setting Reverse proxy, Real Host proxy etc. You can use this Opera Mini to use free internet by modyfing the server address/ proxy address according to your carrier.

This Opera Mini includes a lot of features. they are,
  • In Built handler UI
  • Option to add Host, HTTP, Real Host, Reverse proxy etc
  • Can add filters to server address
  • Add Front Query, Back query and Middle Query
  • Add Port to non-port URL
  • Able to sign in with user name and password to protected Proxy servers
  • Improved Performance
  • Stable version. A lot of bug fixes
For editing the server address, add a filter of to point to your new address.

Screen Shots


Enjoy free Internet with new Opera Mini Handler..!