latest Uninor Free GPRS hack My 2012 : Free unlimited Browsing and Downloading

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Uninor is hacked again for free GPRS. Uninor is a leading service provider in India. It provides a lot of gifts and offers to the customers. Its Internet recharge pack is also very cheap. uninor provides 6GB of free data per month at only Rs.60. Internet speed is also not bad. Anyway, here is the latest Uninor hack to get free GPRS. By using this trick, you can get unlimited Browsing and Downloading at high speed. Just follow the instructions below.

First, create a new settings as below
  •  Profile Name:
  •  Apn: uninor
  •  Proxy:
  •  Port: 8080
Now save the settings and restart your mobile.

To get FREE GPRS on your Default browser (Not Opera Mini)

Go to
You can see an address bar there. Type your desired url there and enjoy.

If your Default Browser is Opera Mini and You can't access Default browser directly, in the above settings, add as your Home page. Now go to Menu> Web> Home and do as above.

To get free GPRS in Opera Mini , UC Browser or similar browsers, follow the Instructions below

First, Download The handler app of your desired Browser from Below

UC Browser

Download Version JAVA : 8.3 cloud Edition | 7.8 Lite version | versions 8.0.3, 8.2 and 8.3 | V 7.7 and 7.9 | V 7.8 Independance day Edition India

Download Version Android : version 7.2

Opera Mini

Download version JAVA JAR : V 7.0 Next beta edition | v 5.1 and 6.5 | v 4.4 (low memory)

Download Version Android APK : v 7.0 next beta edition | v 5.1, 6.1 and 6.5

QQ browser

Download QQ Browser v2.5 JAVA JAR

OVI browser

Download OVI Browser v0.8 JAVA JAR

You Don't need to configure proxy in settings when you uses a handler. It can be configured in handler itself. First, install the handler and open it. Click on network settings. Enter proxy and port as above.

in the place of Front Query, type
if it not works for you ,try
Now save the settings and enjoy free GPRS!

it is working fine for me. Please comment if it is not working for you.

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