Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Download Vnap .NET Buster Proxy Pro v3 Handler Mod for PC [Free GPRS]

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As like Opera Mini and UC Browser, now here is a Handler for PC Users. Download new Vnap .net Buster proxy pro v3 for PC. Using this you can add Front Queries, Back queries, Filters etc. to your Address a like handler. You can also use a Proxy server for connecting. It requires .net framework 4 for running. Using this wonderful app, you can hack your network to get free GPRS or 3G Internet.

To get Free GPRS using Vnap on PC, read my tutorial from here

New Features
  • Fully Rebuild Proxy Engine for Faster Connection.
  • Solved many Bugs.
  • Incorporated my suggestions that users gave. 
  • New Easy to Use Installer
  • Easy Settings with Instructions and Better Import and Export Function for sharing your settings
  • All new Windows 8 GUI
  • Improved Performance
  • Get free GPRS
  • Block restricted sites easily
  • Net 4 Framework
  • Windows XP /Vista / Windows 7 (x86/x64) / All New Windows 8 (x86/x64) OS
Download from Jumbofiles: LINK

To get Free GPRS using Vnap on PC, read my tutorial from here

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