latest Idea 3G GPRS trick hacked unlimited Browse + Download 2012 JULY

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Idea GPRS hack is back! Recently Idea banned all GPRS hacks and I was getting a lot of requests to find  a New GPRS hack for IDEA. Due its amazing Internet speed and network availability everybody loves it and want  to hack idea. So, I was researching in it. Fortunately I got a new trick and also it is working in 3G speed!. To get 3G speed, first activate 3G and do as below. 2G users will get speed 25-70KBPS and 3G users will get 500-1.5K KBPS. Just follow the instructions below.

1) Keep balance below 1RS

2) Dial *800*7# (if not working try *800*1#)

3) You will get a confirmation message that you got free 20MB of 3G data
 Actually this is a promotional pack from Idea. They are giving 20 MB of data to try 3G services. You will get 1Day validity
But the actual trick comes below. There is a loophole in this service by Idea. When your 20MB expires, your net will be disconnected. But don't worry
Just repeat the step 2 and you will get 20MB again

4) Repeat the step 2 to get more and more data

5) Enjoy unlimited.

As I said, this is a promotional offer from Idea. So, It may be blocked anytime. This trick worked fine at the time of writing this article (2012 JUNE). Don't blame me if it doesn't worked for you. Enjoy this maximum before gets banned. Also let me know whether it works for you.

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