New Airtel PC / Laptop Internet Hack 2012 July with Working Proxy [3G Speed]

Hacking Palace presents latest Airtel hack for free Internet on PC with proxies. Now you can get free Internet at 3G speed. Just follow the settings below. You must have balance less than .30RS. This is because when you connects net to PC, it readily sends requests to some stupid servers like Windows Update etc, without using Proxy. Thus if you have balance, it will be deducted. If you have no virus on PC, you will not lose more than 1-2 RS in a session. If you have VIRUS, it will send requests too much and increases your cost so much. So it is recommended to use at low balance (don't blame me if u lost balance). If you want 3G speed, You must have UMTS or WCDMA support on mobile. Also there should have 3G coverage in your area. If you have both of these switch to 3G network from settings and follow the steps below to get free Internet on PC. If you don't have any of these, you will get 2G speed only. You will have 120-150 KBPS speed on 3G and 10-40KBPS on 2G at an average. It greatly depends on your network coverage and Phone. You will get low speed if your device is some stupid device like Nokia C1-01.

1) Use Apn: (Airtel Live or Airtel Internet settings)

2) Connect Internet on PC (use PC suite or any tethering application)

3) Open your desired Internet Browser and Set Proxy settings as below.

Proxy address: use any one of the below. Some proxies will work in some states only. So try with every one and select the working proxy for you. Most of the times one of the first two proxies will work for everyone.

nndr,info (SSL supported) (also CGI)

now set port as 80 ( sometimes won't work for blocked users. Then try 8080 or 9401)

4) After settings the above proxies, go to any of the addresses below. (This one works for most users) (for blocked users)

Bookmark the address for frequent use

5) You can see the Proxy site's page. Enter your Desired URL there and start browsing. You can see the URL box at the top of every site. You can navigate to any site using that URL box.

Now you can download and Browse unlimited.

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