Latest Tata Docomo Recharge trick 2012

Please read this post completely and carefully
Tata Docomo is the Major company in India. They provides Internet service at a very low price. But lately they improved the amount of all GPRS Packs. That was terrible for all GPRS members (including ME). Here is the list
GPRS Packs Old New
Rs. 15 500MB/7days 500MB/5days
Rs.33 1GB/21 days -
Rs.48 2GB/30 days 1GB/21 days
Rs.65 - 2.5GB/30 days
Rs.98 4GB/30 days 4GB/30 days

And I was searching a Working hack for Tata Docomo.

And finally, I got a working recharge hack for Docomo. I tested it and it works fine in Kerala and TamilNadu. Dont blame if not works. But I guarantee that you dont waste your money, either you can hack the recharge or you will be costed as per OLD PLAN !!! Anyway, if you don't understand, leave it and read below carefully..
1. Dial *191#

2. Select Start a Service (I think it is no. 6)

3. Select GPRS Packs

4. You can see recharge packs of RS 11, Rs 15, Rs 33, Rs 48, Rs 98

Is that blinked a bulb in your head? That are OLD PLANS

If you active any of these packs, you will get free usage as per OLD internet packs. That means if you activate Rs .15 - 500MB pack, you will get 7 days validity instead of 5 !!!

Wait, the real recharge hack comes below

5. You must have balance above Rs.16 for this trick

Now activate Rs.15 pack as I said above

You can see a message "You have been charged RS.15 for Activating Internet Pack"

Wait, now go and check ur balance.

Happy?? Ya, only Rs.6 deducted. What a hack.

Dont blame me if it not works for you. Anyway, it works fine for me. Even if you are charged Rs.15 for that, you wll get 7 days validity as per old pan. Ya, even this hack don't work, this is better than doing a coupon recharge of 15.

Please leave comments and let me know whether it works for you. Anyway, dont forget to say thanks to the FOUNDER!


  1. Thanks. I recharged for rs.50 and tried the above trick. I lost just 6 RS and got 1GB/21 days. Thank u very much.........................


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  3. August 5, 2012 4:53 PM
    sorry friends. this trick is blocked by docomo in some
    states. but still worlking on some other states.
    please check and reply.

  4. Tryyy this ..tata docomo trick to get free recharge of 20 just type in your msg box "BT 8090187696 20"and send it to 54321
    try this me and my frnd are also socked!!!!!!!
    Note:-After bt there is a space and also after the 96

  5. well. a nice post though..guys...u can choose to do these silly things or there are a lot ways to earn money out there...i'd say...don't do illegal..earn money on interenet....

    and then recharge any mobile that u can...

  6. when will Tata Docomo 4G be released? & What is the Tata Docomo Recharge For 4G?