Latest Airtel GPRS trick for PC with Proxy [SSL supported] Highspeed


After a long time, Airtel GPRS is back for PC. Now with downloading support with resume in downloading. With this trick, you can also surf SSL sites like Facabook, Gmail etc. In my previous post of Airtel GPRS hack for pc, there was no SSL support and users were complaining that they were uable to launch gmail, Facebook etc. So I'm here with a solution to it. This trick also has highspeed downloading and resume support. Most of the proxies found around the Web willnot support resume support in downloading. So, I spent a lot of time online to find these proxies and present it before you. In this post, I will also teach youn how to download big files in IDM or FDM using proxy with resume support in download.
If you want 3G speed in browsing and downloading, read my previous post How to get uncap 3G speed in Airtel and read below. You will get more than 500KBPS in downloading with this trick.
  1. First, connect your PC to Internet via Mobile. Use access point (Mobile Office settings)
  2. Open your Browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE or anything else)
  3. Now you have to set Proxy in your browser for that,
    Go to  Settings > Network Settings >Proxy (this may be different according to your browser)
  4. Enter any of the proxies below and set port as 80 (use the same proxy with all protocols HTTP, SSL etc.) (SSL supported)
    (resume supported in downloading) (
    high speed) (
    resume supported in downloading, ideal for downloading big files)
Now go to or  (according to which one works for you)
You will be redirected to proxy page instead of the given address
There you can see a URL box. Enter your desired URL there and enjoy free Internet in blazing speed.

Note: Use this at low balance, else your balance will be deducted.

For downloading with IDM, FDM or similar download managers, first use the above trick to surf and find the download link for downloading. Then copy the download Link and open your download manager.
In it, when adding URL, there is an option to set proxy. Set the same proxy which you used above and start downloading. You will be able to download unimited with resume support.

Note: Don't download very large volume of data (aprox. over 1GB) in a single day. You will be blocked and speed will be capped by Airtel

If you had any problems, please let me know by commenting below. Also comment if it works in your state.


  1. This cant open many sites including facebook ,gmail
    Any way thank you

  2. Is it working for youtube?

  3. one of the proxy is working for youtube. try everyone.
    facebook, gmail etc. not opening because it not supports SSL. you can use a SSL supported proxy from the list for that

    Thanks for your feedback

  4. sir proxies listed for airtel pc hack are not working sir,might have blocked.. so can u plz give other working proxies
    geatful to u