Docomo 35RS SMS Plan trick: Send 3000 SMS to all networks

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Recently almost all the networks had increased the SMS plan rates. Now Docomo is offering 1000SMS for RS.44 and 2000SMS for Rs.101 which are highly expensive, eventhough they are cheaper than other networks. So, Here, I'm introducing a new working trick to send 3000 SMS with just 35RS/month. With these offers, Docomo also introduced RS.35 plan, which enables us to send 3000 SMS to Tata Networks. We are going to utilize that plan to send 3000 SMS to all networ

For this trick, you have to spend is just RS.2 for 3 months and Rs.35 every month. It is simple, fast, easy and working 100%. I think this is the only working SMS trick now on Internet for Tata Docomo. Let's get into it.

There is an old Rs.2 Plan for Docomo, in which by just spending Rs.2 per day, you can send rest 98 SMS for free (Remember: There is a TRAI regulation of 100SMS/Day). This offer is simply not bad, bust still we need 60RS/month. We can go much cheaper than that.
  • First, do Special recharge with RS.2 for three months
  • Then Recharge with Rs.35 (3000 Tata SMS plan)
  • Check your balance by dialing *123*1# There will be 3000T2T SMS
  • Now here comes the trick
    Just send 2 SMS to any Tata Docomo Number. Your SMS balance will be reduced.
  • After that, Send to any Number, Even your SMS balance willnot be reduced. That means, After sending 2 SMS, It has become RS.2 plan, without losing 2RS more!
I have been using this trick for 11 days. Now my SMS balance is 2978!
Note: Eventhough you have much balance in SMS account, In any ways, you can send only 100SMS/day

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