Opera Mini 4.4 Free Internet Mod for Airtel [JAR]

After publishing Opera Mini 7.1 modded version for Airtel free Internet,  we are now with Opera Mini 4.4 Airtel mod. Opera Mini 4 series are the most popular Mobile browser on the Internet. That's why we are decided to mod it before UC Browser. This version has good performance and stability compared to previous versions. Also, since RAM and disk usage is low for this opera, is is supported by most of the mobile phones. Some low memory phones like nokia 2630 willnot support Opera mini 7. Also, Opera 4 has simple UI and therefore, quick accessible. Just read the instructions below to install and configure Opera Mini for free Internet in Airtel.


First, you need to setup proxy settings for using this Opera Mini. In addition to the host settings used in the Modded app, it needs external proxy configuration settings. Nokia S40 Users (eg: Nokia C1, 2630 etc.) can use a special type of file called PROV file for this)

Download Opera Mini- Hackingpalace Airtel Prov file
For more details about PROV file and to know how to setup proxy without it, just read my previous post :
Opera Mini 7.1 Airtel Free Internet Mod 3G/2G 2013 JAR
I have explained everything in detail in that post. So, no need to explain it again.

For other mobile users, you can set it manually. Create a new configuration with the details below
Configuration Name: OM-Hackingpalace
HomePage: http://www.hackingpalace.tk
Access Point Name: airtelgprs.com
Port: 80

Now Download Opera Mini 4.4 hacked for free Internet in Airtel
After Downloading, transfer it to yout phone and install it.
Final Notes
  • This Proxy settings can be only used with Opera Mini hack provided by Hackingpalace only. It will not work with UC Browser or any other app.
  • This Opera Will work only if you setup the proxy. It will not work if you just downloaded and installed modded opera mini.
  • This Opera has a limited download support only. You can download some files, some cannot. It depends on the server and the file.
  • If still you cannot download any files with this Opera Mini, read this post: How to fix downloading error in Opera Mini, UC etc.
  • If you are using 3G, and your daily usage on hacked browser exceeds 300MB, your speed will be capped into 2G. Even if you have 3G data balance and this hacked browser uses more than 300MB in a day, you can use the remaining balance only in 2G.
  • If you are using 2G and your daily balance exceeds 300MB, there is a chance that you will be banned with this trick. So, this hacked browser willnot work for many days for you. Hope it will be unblocked a later time after many days.
  • Download Opera Mini 7.1 Mod for Airtel JAR
  • More tricks are coming soon. Just stay tuned with us
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  1. do these moded browsers work on android phone

  2. no. it is for java supported phones. Android apps will be published soon