Latest Tata Docomo trick to Download and Browse VUCLIP for free

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Vuclip is a super mobile site in which we can download videos from Youtube, Metacafe and similar sites in mobile friendly format (3GP, Mp4 and AMR). Vuclip is totally free and it has many features like Adult filter, streaming, Part download etc. The great thing to say that there is no good alternative to Vuclip founded yet! yes. That is the problem. Definitely Vuclip is an amazing site which 90% of the wap users like.

But the real problem is here. If you are using Internet in Tata Docomo (2G or 3G) you will be charged for Vuclip as per GPRS Plan, ie 20ps/30kB. They are actually cheating us. Even if you are in GPRS plan, when you browse or download anything fom Vuclip, you will be charged as per normal plam, no matter how many GB balance you have in internet pack. That means when you download a 5Mb file from Vuclip, you will be charged 5*1024/30*20 = 3140Rs, 33Ps. Ohh terrible!

First, let me say my own experience. 6 Months ago, I was using Internet from Airtel. At that time, Tata Docomo was popular for its amazing offers. And Airtel has many tricks for Free GPRS at that time (that tricks exists even now). but GPRS speed was less for Airtel - only 5-10 KBPS but DOCOMO had 20-30KBPS. So without much thinking, I was ported to Docomo. At the time of porting, i had a 2 GB offer and 50RS balance. I started using it. First, I posted some contents int blog and went to VUCLIP for downloading some video songs. You know, what happened next! Lost 50RS and Internet also disconnected!

At that time I decided to hack Docomo to get free Vuclip access. I have done it on the next day itself, but forgot to post in this blog (sorry!). Even when I was writing this content, I accidently went to Vuclip and lost 23 RS. :)

Here is the hack

It is divided into TWO. One is for Mobile users and other is for PC Users

For Mobile users

1. Download Opera Mini next 7 Specially Mofied For Maximum speed in Docomo (hacked version) .jar from below
Zip          JAR
2. Just Install it. Now. Accees Vuclip completely free. You can Download Unlimited from this special Opera Mini

For PC users

1. Connect to Internet

2. Open your Browser and go to


That's it. You are now landed in Vuclip. Just Download anything. Don't worry, you wont be charged!

Done!!! Now you can use Unlimited VUCLIP

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