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Download Opera Mini 4.4 handler for free highspeed internet access JAR

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Download Opera Mini 4.4 handler for JAVA Mobiles. Using this modded app, you can change FrontQuery, BackQuery Custom Server etc. so that you can Get free Internet access in your area. It can also help you on Download and Browse restrictions on you by the operator. Now Download and Browse Anonymously! You can also change your user agent. Thus Facebook Gmail like sites can be viewed like that like PC and you will get a great PC like experience


  • Add Front Query, BackQuery and MiddleQuery
  • Filter any characters from URL
  • Add Port to non-port URL
  • Include HTTP Proxy, Host or Real Host (with Protected proxies also supported)
  • Take Screen Shot of App
  • Custom Server Address
  • Change User Agent (Custom) 
  • Enjoy High speed Browsing+ Downloading 
and much more...


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  1. Docomo hack they could not be download any software plz correst problem


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