Download Opera Mini 4.4 Hacked Handler Mod for Free GPRS in Airtel [JAR] 2012 May

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I got many Emails from our Royal Visitors complaining that Opera Mini Next and Opera Mini 6.5 are not working for them because of low memory. So I have decided to Hack Opera  Mini 4.4 (latest version) for Free Unlimited GPRS in Airtel (3G also supported). Just follow the steps below to get free GPRS or 3G internet.


First, Download Opera Mini Airtel hack Handler Mod from Below


Use Mobile Office settings. Install the downloaded Opera Mini and Enjoy unlimited GPRS in Airtel. You will get 10-20KBPS in 2G network and 100-200KBPS in 3G network. I have tested this app across different states in India and found to be working in many place. Please comment here if you had any problems. I will try to fix it.

Note: It is recommended to use at low balance, below 30PS. I think it will work at any balance. Anyway don't blame me if you lost your balance. It works fine at 0 balance also

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