Download Opera Mini Next 7 Hacked handler Mod for Airtel Internet 3G Hispeed (2012 May)

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Opera Mini next 7 is the most recent version of Opera Mini released by Opera (now in beta). Now Hacking Palace releases Opera Mini next 7 hacked version for free Internet in Airtel. This app is tested across in different states in India and found to be working. It supports downloading too.

New Features
# Improved performance
opera Mini next is designed to make your browsing experience faster. Now enjoy more speed and more compression on your browsing session

# Fixed Some Bugs
Fixed some bugs that opera Mini 6.5 had earlier. Now browsing is smoothier. (Since this is a beta version it had some small bugs too, hoping them to be fixed in some days)

#New Home Screen
Added new type of Home Screen. It consists Fast Bookmarks, Recently Visited Sites, Updates from Social networks etc.

And much more...

Steps to Hack Airtel
Download the hacked Opera Mini next 7 version from below and Install it.


Opera Mini next 7 by HackingPalace.jar : Download

Opera Mini next 7 by : Download

Install the app and Enjoy High speed Internet in Airtel for Free

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