How to disable Country redirection for google search [NCR]

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Whenever we type in the address bar, it automatically redirects to your country specific google address, for eg: in India, it is It have several advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that the search results are mainly focused on the websites hosted in India, especially near your location (only if you have shared your location). This is much useful when you are searching for a restaurant, a Textile Shop or something similar. You don't need to know about restaurants in Washington when you are in France. Right?

But in some other cases, you may want to give same priority to all countries. For example, Searching for an Internet Job, Free Email service andso on. In these cases, NCR will help you to avoid redirection to country specific URL of google. Just read below

 Want to apply NCR (no country redirection) ?
So simple, just type /ncr with your URL.!
For example in the case of google search, type
This trick can be applied to all google services like Youtube, Analytics etc.

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