Download Opera Mini 6.5 handler Hack for FREE GPRS 3G Internet on Airtel 2012 May working Trick

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Here is the latest Stable version of Opera Mini 6.5 hacked for free 3G internet on Airtel. In this Opera, You can Browse and Download unlimited on Airtel with 3G speed. First, you need to switch your Network to UMTS/WCDMA to get 3G speed. Then Download the Opera Mini hacked version and enjoy high speed Internet in Airtel. It will work on 2G also. You will get a speed of average 15KBPS in 2G and 150KBPS in 3G. It may be changed according to your device and network coverage. I have tested this across different states in India and found to be working. Please let me know if it is not working in your state or you had any problems on installing.

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Download Opera Mini 6.5 Airtel MOD 2012 MAY :: JAR | ZIP

Just install the app and Enjoy high speed Unlimited Internet on Airtel!

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