How to view Facebook, Twitter, etc. Full Page on mobile phone browsers [full SIte Page view]

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How to enable Facebook, Twitter etc. pages Full PC like View when browsing  from mobile; this is what my friends asked me many times. So I have decided to post an article on that topic. When you are browsing from mobile, your when you enter URL in the address bar, site checks your UA (this tells them about your browser, Operating system etc.) and loads corresponding Mobile site. For example if you type it redirects to or if your mobile is touch enabled. That's what we don't want! So, there are several methods to view full page in mobile. just read below and select your choice as you like. Anyway, Even if you enable this, It have many limitations, it may be useful for you. Read below

 Method 1 (easy, but works on some browsers only)
 The first method is to change your UA (user agent) to make the website believe that you are browsing from PC, not from Mobile. unfortunately, this feature is available available for UC Browser, but not for Opera.(java)
For UC, do as follows
Go to Settings> Advanced settings
You can see a box named User Agent. Click on it to change to Web UA.

Changing User Agent is possible in Opera Mobile for Android. Do as follows
Go to settings> Advanced
Change User Agent to Desktop

For Dolphin Browser (Android)
Go to Settings> Dolphin Settings
change User agent to PC (Desktop)

Unfortunately there is no way to change User agent for Default browser. Those users can try one of the tricks below.

After changing the settings, you can view Websites as like from PC
Method 2 (works on almost all mobiles, for Facebook only)

This is the desktop link of Facebook. If you want other sites also, try the method 3
Open your desired browser, Create a new bookmark named Facebook with URL . Click on the Bookmark whenever you want to browse FB like PC.

Method 3 (works on all mobiles, browse any site)
In this method, you can browse any Website like PC. no need to change User agent or any settings. Do as follow.
To go to a URL, type the following in address bar.
enter your desired site address in the place of your-site-here
for Example, to go to facebook, enter as
it will be better to bookmark your daily visiting sites to get easy access

When you go though this URL, website will load as like PC.

Please leave comments if you had any problems on changing settings

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