Create your own Chat bot for Gtalk, Yahoo etc. that responds automatically to messages

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If you are using Nimbuzz for chatting, you may have seen a default user named "jimmy". Don't think that he is a human!. It is a chat bot created by Nimbuzz team. A chat bot is a program that responds to user's message automatically. It works according to A.I (Artificial Intelligence). It has pre written codes on how to respond to other users according to their message. Here I'm giving a Tutorial on how to develop a Chat bot of your Own for Gtalk, Yahoo caht, AIM etc. A chat bot means that is not only for saying "hai", "how are you" etc. It can be for some useful services like sending sms, searching, astrology and much more. (there is also some bots like astrology, live score etc. in nimbuzz. you can also check it out). Just read below

Here I'm also giving source code for a simple bot. If you have some basic
knowledge in programming (in any language), You can modify it according to your need or If you know advanced, you can create your own


Step 1: Go to and register a new account with a bot.
Step 2: Create code for your bot and host it in your own server. You can use any language like python, php etc. Here I'm giving a sample. This one is written in PHP.

 switch ($_REQUEST['step']) {
 echo "Hi friend, what's your name?";
 case 2:
 echo "Hi " . $_REQUEST['value1'] . ", where do you live?";
 case 3:
 echo "Well, welcome to this hello world bot, " . $_REQUEST['value1'] . "<br>from " . $_REQUEST['value2'] . ".<reset>";

This was a simple one. Just say asks your name and say as it is. It also requests your place and say it again.
You can understand it from above.

Step 3: Once your script is ready, put it somewhere on your web server and copy the full URL of it to the clipboard.
Step 4: Now login to your imified account, paste the script URL

You will get the name for adding to IM.

Step 5: Add that im bot your friends list. That’s it.
 This is a very basic bot but the possibilities are endless.

You can create according to your idea.

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