Download Opera Mini next 7 handler mod for Android APK for Airtel free 3G gprs 2012 August

Hacking Palace now presents new Opera Mini hacked handler mod for Android devices. Recently we have released so many hacked softwares like Opera Mini and UC Browser for Airtel free internet. But that all was only for JAVA mobiles. Android users cannot directly use it. So, here is the latest version of Opera Mini NEXT hacked for Android to get free GPRS or 3G internet in Airtel. Use Default settings for Airtel (mobile office or Airtel Internet) or Create a new settings with APN After that follow the instructions below.


Make sure your balance is RS.0.30 to avoid accidental loss of balance ( It is safe)

Download Opera Mini next 7 Handler for Android from below

Now install it and Open it.
Handler Menu

You will see a handler menu. Enter the values as below

BackQuery: ?
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy address:

You can also see some other settings like Front Query, Server etc. Leave it all blank.

Now install it and Enjoy!

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Note: To get 3G speed, your handset must have 3G support. Also there should be 3G network in your area. Activate 3G and you will get 3G speed.
2G: 10-40KBPS
3G: 120-320KBPS

Update: This app is not working now. Please check my latest post
Opera Mini 7 hacked for Airtel in Android APK


  1. it gets installed , fast browsing .. bt unable to download

  2. what's the the new october hack settings for access free 3g
    plz tell.......

  3. this trick is working fine.

  4. for galaxy pocket whats the link plese