Latest Airtel Trick with Youtube streaming Support 2014

Here is the new Airtel Trick for PC to watch Youtube videos from PC. Just do as follows. By using a new proxy, you can
watch youtube videos (flash video streaming). You can also view videos from metacafe and all similar site which has html5 support. Recommended to use at 0 balance. It is better to use in a 3G network so that you can watch without buffering. With this trick you can also browse and download unlimited.


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Now do as follows

1) Connect PC to internet (use PC suite or similar apps)
 Use Apn: ( Airtel Internet or Mobile Office settings )

2) Now open your Browser and edit Proxy settings. Set proxy as below
Port: 80
Sometimes some proxies won't work due to server load. In that case, go to this link to find out working proxies (Use port 80 Proxies)

3) Now enter any of the URL of below onto the address bar
 4) You will be redirected to Proxy page. Enter your desired URL and start Browsing

 5) Enter and start viewing youtube videos for free!

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  1. I am not able to understand 5th step.could you please explain it with screenshots

  2. I didn't get you.... how it is possible whether proxy sites are java disabled..