How to install and use Whatsapp or any Android App on PC (Windows, Linux, Mac)

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In this post I will show you how to install Whatsapp, Hike or any other Messenger, Applications or games on your co
mputer. A lot of situations occur where you want to use these apps on your PC/ Laptop rather than on mobile phone. It is very sad that Whatsapp is not releasing a desktop client to use on PC. But, using an android emulator you can easily use and install any android app on PC. Follow the instructions below.

Here, I'm showing you the procedure of installing Whatsapp Messenger only. You can install any other android app in a similar way.
First, you need an Android Emulator. As a Developer, I use Genymotion (because it can be used for debugging ). Genymotion is available in Windows, Linux and Mac Os. In Genymotion, you can configure and use multiple devices at a time (You can access multiple accounts if you want to).

There is another alternative, called Bluestacks. Bluestacks is available only for Windows. But Unlike an ordinary Emulator, Bluestacks is slightly different. It acts like a standalone application in Windows. It offers better performance than genymotion (If you want to play android games on PC, this would be better). But in free version of bluestacks, after the trial period they will ask you to install sponsored apps, Which will make it slower and waste your data. If you don't have an unlimited data pack, don't use Bluestacks while internet connection on.

There are some more alternatives too. But they doesn't seems as good as these two. So, Select one of the above Emulators and Download.

Download: Bluestacks | Genymotion

Note: If you want to run Superuser apps (root), go for genymotion. There is another procedure to root genymotion. If you want to know that, contact me on fb page.

Once you download, Install it. 

Follow the Steps below. I'm using genymotion. Bluestacks have similar procedure. Just follow these

1. Start Genymotion

2. To add a new Device, Click the + Icon on the top

3.  It will list all the devices avaialble. You can select your desired android version / phone model from the top

4. Select your desired device and click Next

5. Enter the name for your custom device and click next

6. Genymotion will automatically download and install the required files for the devices. Be patient till the install finished

7. After finishing installation, You can see the devices list. You can add many number of devices if you want. You can access multiple accounts using multiple devices. Select the required device and click on Play on top to boot up android

8. The android device boots up and becomes ready. Now you need Whatsapp  APK file to install here (If you need any other app installed, download corresponding APK file. I'm only showing Whatsapp as an example) Either take a backup from your phone and transfer to your PC or download it from HERE. Then drag and drop the APK to the Device screen

9. The app will be installed and opened. You can use it just like your phone. In case of whatsapp there are some additional steps to configure and start using whatsapp. Follow steps below.

10. Open Whatsapp and click Agree and Continue

11. Enter your country and Phone No. Click OK

12. They will send an SMS to verify the number. As your PC don't have a SIM slot, it can't be verified by SMS. So, wait 5 mins to finish their waiting.

13. After 5 mins, They'll prompt to try Voice verification. Click on Call Me to get a call from whatsapp.

14. Enter the verification that you got from their call and Click OK.

15. Now your Whatsapp is installed and configured. Select your name, profile pic and start chatting!

16. If you want to get contacts, sync with your google account or you can directly restore a backup taken from your phone.

Enjoy your android App on PC! Don't forget to leave your suggestions here!

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