Opera Mini 7.5.3 Android Mod for Airtel [2014 UPDATED]

Opera Mini Airtel hack is back with new updates for android. This Opera is especially for those who faced problems with my previous opera mini 7.5 Airtel hack. I don't know whether this will work with blocked sim or not ,just give a try. But I have tested this and found to be working in kerala. Also, some of my friends in other states also confirmed its working. This Opera Mini hacked version will install as a standalone app, so it wont replace the official Opera Mini if you have it already installed. This Opera can give you a speed of 10-25 KBPS in 2G and 300-800 KBPS in 3G.

New Features of Opera Mini hack

  • Standalone Installation : It wont replace your official Opera Mini
  • No need to Worry about Proxy, FrontQuery etc. Just Install and Enjoy
  • Performance Bugs fixed
  • Can Download large files
  • Works with Airtel 2G and 3G
  • Superb Browsing and Downloading speed
  • Less Ping Interval --> Faster Loading of WebPages
  • No HTTP proxy used.
  • Faster than IIS7 Mod (Previous version of my Opera Mini hack)
Use Default Mobile Office Settings (access point : airtelgprs.com)
Just Download and Use the Opera Mini given in the download link below.

Download Links

Download Opera Mini 7.5.3 Airtel Hack for ANDROID by HackingPalace [APK]

If you want, you can also try my previous version , Opera mini 7.5 Airtel hack from HERE
Sometimes it may fail to install


Do not download too much in a single day. It may lead to blocking your SIM

If you have balance higher than 30ps in your account, disable background data, Auto updates all related stuffs which consumes Internet usage in the background. Otherwise your balance will be deducted.

Browse and Download using this Opera Mini only! to avoid balance deduction.

If this Opera is not working/ if you are facing any problems, feel free to comment below,


  1. bro i am from haryana nd its not working for me

  2. Thanks for your comment. I will try to make a mod for haryana.

  3. how to modyifing for free internet

  4. how many days it will work?

  5. I am from tamil nadu I downloaded but not working......

    1. tell me more details: I wil try to fix

    2. I just downloaded now only after that useing the mobile office gprs setting I opened it took more time more than 15 min not installed...

    3. Do you know which homepage is working for tamilnadu? Maybe this homepage not works for you. In that case, if you find the correct homepage, I will create according to that.

    4. Proxy –
      port – 80
      APN (Access point Name) – airtelgprs.com
      after save,
      activate this setting
      Open operamini handler browser
      go to handler setting:
      select proxy type as – http
      put in proxy sever – airtellive.com (without http)

      I use this handler setting iys working for browseing but not working for download........

    5. That's a common problem for airtel users. I'm trying to resolve that

  6. hi bro...
    is there any Airtel 2g trick which works all over india....?
    if there plz post it..

  7. this will stop working if u download 200mb in a single day

  8. How can I update opera mini 7.5 for airtel

  9. How can I update opera mini for airtel

  10. not working in Rajasthan. ...plz make it work...

  11. hi jaydeep I installer your opera mini it only keeps on installing after 5 minutes it displays unable to coneect

    but I have used it not by your opera mini but from other. sites I used handler version

    it were working for at least 20 days and after that it stops working

    I know it will be auto stop if I overuse bit I didn't cross the limit

    so pls help me to use free internet on air tel

  12. How to configure for tata docomo please sir tell me?

  13. Hi,
    Acess point settings are ok but what about Front query,middle Query,Proxy type,........When we install the app
    please tell me sir....

  14. Hi,
    Acess point settings are ok.
    But what about front query,Middle query,ect.....when we install the app please help

  15. Sir,
    I follow your Access point and Handler settings but still it is not working please help

  16. Hai bro
    It is working
    Please can u tell similar uc browser aap....

  17. hi i'm from Philippines ...i will used access point airtelgprs.com but the access is not displayed... plz help me.. dis is my email alwajir@yahoo.com

  18. please update download links..thanks

  19. amar kichu din chollo tarpor hotat kore bondho hye gelo pls inform me how to solve this problem

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