Hack android apps or games using SQL editing

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In one of my previous posts, I have shown a way to hack Android Apps and Games using Game Killer. In light of the great response received to that post, I'm here with a new way to hack android Apps and Games using SQL editing. This method, unlike using game killer, is more powerful and can be applied to high end games and Apps. The Main drawback of Game killer is that it can edit numeric values only. But using this method, It can do much more! What you can do with this method is actually very interesting! Read below to explore the capabilities of SQL editing method.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. I'm not responsible for any damage / illegel activities done by you.

Before actually telling about the method, I will explain the terms and terminologies so that you can understand how this trick works

Advantages of This method over Game killer
  • Game killer can edit numeric values only. But SQL method can deal with almost any type of data
  • If scores are encrypted, It is difficult to crack with Game killer (but in other case, game killer is better)
  • Game killer can be used to hack game scores, coins etc. only. It can't hack an APP to get free PAID version
  • You can change strings inside APP
  • This method has very good success rate and it can hack a variety of Apps. 
  • You can even hack high end games like Asphalt, Spiderman etc. (most of them are impossible to hack by Game killer)
  • and much more!!!

What is SQL and How it works

SQL is Structured Query Language. It is a way to store data in tables. The tables contain columns and rows and tables are stored in Databases. A database may contain a number of tables. In Android, they uses SQLlite (simplified version of SQL). Data insertion, deletion, updation etc. are executed through SQL Commands. Each android app has a separate storage space inside root. In this folder, there is a folder called databases, where the databases are stored. App can execute SQL queries to deal with the databases stored in the respective folder. SQL is a very easy method to deal with large amount of data. So, 90% of the Apps uses SQL storage. (There is another way of local storage, called the sharedpreferences, in android. It is used to store small amount of data. I'll explain more about that in another post )

In case of Android Games, most of the games uses SQL to store game data. This includes name of the player, scores, leaderboard, coins, gold etc.. For Apps, they uses SQL to store purchases information (If app has a paid version). So, if we can edit the SQL, we an turn free apps to paid version, modify our scores in Games etc. Isn't that cool?


1. Your Phone must be rooted ( If don't, contact me via FB Page if you want help on rooting )

2. A good fie manager with root access.

I recommend using X-Plore or ES File Explorer

3. An App for editing SQL. 
I'm using SQLLite debugger. You can use any SQL editor in Android with Root Access

As one of our valuable users suggested on fb page, Its better to show an example. So, Here I'll show you how to hack DU Battery Saver to get  free Paid version (costs 2.99$) using SQL editing method.
The method is universal and by this, you can hack almost any App. I'll try to explain every bit of details so that you can understand easily.

 As I said earlier, This tutorial is for educational purpose only. The developers has spend a lot of efforts to make such an App. Don't underestimate that.

So, Let's get Started!

1. First, Download DU Battery Saver (You can hack any app if you want. Here, I'm explaining with DU Battery Saver )

Open Du battery saver and goto saver->smart
There you can see a lot of advanced option which can be unlocked by coins or by buying pro version for 2.99$. I'm going to get the pro version for free by hacking the SQL database. As you see, we need 1900 coins to upgrade to pro.

2 .Open X-Plore

You will need Root Access to get access to system files. For that, go to options->configuration and set Root Access to Superuser + mount writable

Then go to Root/data/data/com.dianxinos.dxbs/
com.dianxinos.dxbs is the package name of Du Battery saver. If you don't know package name of your app, use the app manager on X-Plore to get package name

3. There will be a folder named databases. This is where the databases are stored. The databases will be be having extension .db (some are not having extensions too)
Here, we can see the list of databases used by Du battery saver. Different databases are used for different purposes. From this, we have to inspect and find the correct database which we need to edit (Most probably this will be obvious from the name itself)
In this case, we need to edit the database named integral.db

4. Open the Database using SQLite Debugger or the SQL editor which you use
You can see the list of tables in the database.

In this case, you can see a table called items. This is there the advanced saver options and their corresponding required  coins are saved. Click on the table and click on the right arrow on the table to view table data

5. Now change the required coins for paid version to 0 and save the database

6. Now open the app and purchase paid version for 0 coins!

That's it. This way you can edit databases of any app and do whatever you want! Remember.. I'm not responsible for any damages you does.

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