How Do We Use Cell Phones

How Do We Use Cell Phones

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Hack android apps or games using SQL editing

In one of my previous posts, I have shown a way to hack Android Apps and Games using Game Killer. In light of the great response received to that post, I'm here with a new way to hack android Apps and Games using SQL editing. This method, unlike using game killer, is more powerful and can be applied to high end games and Apps. The Main drawback of Game killer is that it can edit numeric values only. But using this method, It can do much more! What you can do with this method is actually very interesting! Read below to explore the capabilities of SQL editing method.

How to install and use Whatsapp or any Android App on PC (Windows, Linux, Mac)

In this post I will show you how to install Whatsapp, Hike or any other Messenger, Applications or games on your co
mputer. A lot of situations occur where you want to use these apps on your PC/ Laptop rather than on mobile phone. It is very sad that Whatsapp is not releasing a desktop client to use on PC. But, using an android emulator you can easily use and install any android app on PC. Follow the instructions below.

Latest Airtel Trick with Youtube streaming Support 2014

Here is the new Airtel Trick for PC to watch Youtube videos from PC. Just do as follows. By using a new proxy, you can
watch youtube videos (flash video streaming). You can also view videos from metacafe and all similar site which has html5 support. Recommended to use at 0 balance. It is better to use in a 3G network so that you can watch without buffering. With this trick you can also browse and download unlimited.

3 best Ways to Earn free recharge ( Talktime ) on Android

For more than 1 year, I have been posting free tricks and modded apps to get free Internet, SMS etc. Now, I'm here with 3 best ways to get free recharge on your android phone. These are 100% legal ways and very easy to earn too. From these apps/Sites you can turn your leisure times to get free talktime on your android phone. I have been using these and earning an average 10RS/day from each by spending less than 20 minutes in total.